Bonsai Trees

From Seed

Growing bonsai from seed is a very slow process, where much patience is required. There is no such thing as bonsai tree seeds! A bonsai seed kit simply contains a selection of tree seeds that would grow into large trees if planted in the ground. Also, these seeds are not always ideal species for bonsai.

It is much better to purchase selected varieties as then you will know what seedlings to expect. Seeds do not however always grow true to the parent plant, with different characteristics sometimes appearing.

Growing from seed is certainly very rewarding as you have complete control of the seedling's training from the very beginning, with endless possibilities. The process can be considerably speeded up by planting year old seedlings in the garden, enabling the young tree to grow more rapidly and the trunk to thicken. Training can be initiated at this stage with credible results being achieved in as little as four or five years, but be patient, you may have to wait longer and should look on this as being a long term process.

So that you do not get disheartened and lose enthusiasm because of this slow approach, it is advisable to increase your collection by other means as well.

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