Bonsai Trees

Displaying Bonsai in your Garden and Adding Japanese Touches

Displaying Bonsai in your GardenMost bonsai enthusiasts are keen to display their trees in their garden, and with a little thought and planning, bonsai stands and plinths can become a real feature of any garden. By simply planting a clump of bamboo or positioning a large maple in a pot close by, you can easily integrate any bonsai display into your garden, which will immediately start to appear all the more Japanese.

If you wish to include further Japanese elements to your garden, then consider adding a water feature, some granite lanterns, stepping stones, clipped shrubs and perhaps even a Zen garden, with large rocks and attractively raked gravel. And very importantly, don't forget to add somewhere to sit down, relax and enjoy views of your collection of bonsai trees.

Adding an Oriental Flavour to Your Garden
Displaying Bonsai in Your Garden
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Planting Bonsai in the Garden
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Displaying Bonsai in your Garden

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