Bonsai Trees

From Bonsai Nurseries

The obvious place to obtain bonsai trees is a bonsai nursery. Most sell trees at different stages in training, from raw material and field grown stock to wonderful specimens that have been in training for many years.

If you are looking for a particular species and can only see a few on display, ask if there are any more. Some nurseries display only a few of each kind and hide others away, ready to replenish stock when sold. Others display all of their stock, providing a good selection to choose from.

Bonsai nurseries generally do not have the time to refine specimens and much imported stock is mass produced and field grown. Look for trees with potential - these are the bargains. Trees that with a few years work can grow into true specimens. Field grown stock is often a source of good material. Take time to assess the merits of the bonsai and avoid unhealthy trees.

You can make your mark on trees like this and they feel more like your own, rather than expensive specimen trees that only require general care and maintenance.

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