Bonsai Trees

From Cuttings

Cuttings have the advantage that they will always posses the same growth habit and characteristics as the parent plant. Therefore, if creating a group planting, deciduous trees will all leaf out at the same time, and the leaves will be identical. There is also the advantage that there will be no tap root and a good root system will be quick to establish.

Ideally, softwood cuttings should be taken around early summer and hardwood cuttings in autumn. However, if you have some prunings at the wrong time of the year, they may still root so it is always worth a try.

Many species of deciduous and coniferous trees can be grown from cuttings, although some are much easier to root than others. Ideal subjects are maples, junipers, elms and many varieties of garden shrub. Pines are usually difficult, often not growing well on their own roots and are normally grafted or grown from seed.

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