Bonsai Trees

Case Histories

Hinoki Cypress - (chamaecyparis obtusa kosterei)

Hinoki Cypress Bonsai Style: Twin Trunk

This tree was destined to be a twin trunk from day one. The proportions of the two trunks were excellent and it was clear that it had the potential to become a tall, elegant bonsai.

All heavy branches were pruned off, leaving much younger branches behind which would be in keeping with the trunks.

Hinoki Cypress Bonsai History: Training

This resulted in over three quarters of the tree's foliage being removed. The second trunk needed to be repositioned so that it was closer to the main trunk and heavy wire was applied to move it successfully.

Following this the tree was really transformed after I had wired and shaped each branch.

In the spring I selected a large rectangular training pot for it and carried out the necessary root pruning to enable it to be potted.

The tree made good growth during the rest of the season and was not pruned, allowing the roots to grow strongly and recover.

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